Sleigh ride Zakopane - sled and sleigh rides at Krzeptówki - sleigh ride organization

Sleigh ride at Krzeptowki in Zakopane

A sleigh ride on Krzeptówki street, the unique Zakopane atmosphere of old Krzeptówki street, and the forest road called “Droga Pod Reglami” will delight you in winter.

The Program

We invite you for a sleigh ride around Krzeptowki Street. Highlander folks will wait for you on the edge of a valley, welcoming you to take a sit in the sleigh. We put a yummy snack in every sleigh for your enjoyment during the one hour ride through Chocholowska Valley. After the sleigh ride, we gather around the bonfire, where we will have a traditional Highlander party. During the whole event, a real Highlander band will play music for you and tell you stories about the Tatra Mountains and many funny jokes in between.
The program includes – a warming welcoming with traditional Highlander music and dancing shows. You will have a chance to learn how to drink and sing like a true Highlander. DANCING AND GOOD FUN! The sleigh ride motto is “tradition, fun, dance and traditional highlander music” – welcome!
During the party, there will be bonfire burning, and catering service will serve traditional Gazdovian cuisine. After two hours of pure fun, the party is over. For those willing, a transfer can be arranged by buses from Zakopane to Chocholowska and return after the event to Zakopane.

Menu by the bonfire after a sleigh ride

We have a yummy homemade stew, sausage for self-frying, bread with lard, pickled cucumbers, hot tea, food, add-ons.