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Bonfires for groups in Zakopane

We organize bonfires and Highlander feasts around the campfire. The Chocholowska Valley is a center of our outdoor activities – integration events, feasts, bonfires in Zakopane – everything is efficient, professional, and on-time – we take responsibility for it. The Chochołowska Valley is the most beautiful place for this type of event – we recommend sleigh rides and bonfires in the Chochołowska Valley.
Bonfires in Zakopane – Zakopane Bonfires, campfires parties with a yummy treat and tasty drink, Highlander band, and fire in the Chocholowska Valley. Zakopane bonfires, bonfires in Zakopane, integration events for companies, bonfires for companies, Zakopane events, bonfires Zakopane, evening, and bonfires with torches.
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