Kulig dla grup w Dolinie Chochołowskiej - VIP - Premium - Zbójecki

Sleigh rides with Highlander folks - dancing, singing, and lots of fun!

The most beautiful sleigh ride in Zakopane in the Chocholowska Valley.
We invite you for a traditional Highlander sleigh ride in the mountains, organized for groups in the Chocholowska Valley, the longest valley in the Tatras, and one of the most beautiful Valleys in Europe.
The sleigh rides in Chocholowska have a real mountain atmosphere, winter scenery, a fairy tale climate – snowy trees, stars in the sky, and the silence of the valley. You will not find cars, street lamps, lights, and city noise, so this is the best sleigh ride – there is no such place in Zakopane.
The sleigh ride in the Chocholowska Valley is full of magic, silence, and tradition. The bells are ringing, snow is falling, and torches are blazing with fire – even though it is cold – a warm atmosphere and a sweet tea are heating us.
Traditionally after the sleigh ride, we invite everyone to a bonfire feast with tasty catering and traditional Highlander music. The Premium VIP sleigh ride, the name does not matter, but we guarantee the quality of experience — a unique offer for those who are looking for the best offer.
We have prepared a full program for you. We will meet at the edge of the valley where a four-person sleigh with tasty food is waiting for you. After that, we will go on a one hour journey through Chocholowska Valley. After the sleigh ride, we invite everyone to the bonfire, where we will have a traditional Highlander party. During the whole event, a real Highlander band will play music for you and tell you stories about the Tatra Mountains and many funny jokes in between. The program includes – a warming welcoming with traditional Highlander music and dancing shows. You will have a chance to learn how to drink and sing like a true Highlander . DANCING AND GOOD FUN! The sleigh ride motto is “tradition, fun, dance and traditional Highlander music” – welcome! During the party, there will be bonfire burning, and catering service will serve traditional Gazdovian cuisine. After two hours of pure fun, the party is over. For those willing, transfer by buses from Zakopane to Chocholowska and return after the event to Zakopane.

We offer:

  • Sleigh ride with Highlander tea 15 PLN
  • Sleigh ride with mulled wine 12 PLN
  • A sleigh ride with a hot Open Bar – Highlander tea, mulled wine and mulled beers 75 PLN

We are catering - while winter feasts around the campfire!

Highlander cultural even (Bajania) on the edge of the Valley
3-hours of pure fun and dancing by the campfire side among the traditional Góral band. There will be music playing and many funny jokes in between. Get to know the conventional humor of Highlander folk.

Highlander Cultural Event (Chochołowskie Śpasy Góralskie)
The word “Śpacy” means – fun! There will be lots of laughter, joy, and excellent integration during three hours of games and attractions. The Highlander band will play music and sing all along.

  • learning and watching a local highlander dance
  • traditional woodcutting with a saw (game)
  • hammering nails with a hollow hammer
  • trying out local outfits
  • singing around the campfire

Janosik Feast from Chocholowska Valley
It is, for sure, the best integration party in the region of Podhale – a real feast in a Highlander style! There will be famous Highlander character Harnas and Highlander women who will stay with us for the whole treat! For three hours, we will be playing and feasting with the traditional Góral band – live music, dancing, and singing. There will be many jokes to keep us smiling.

  • highlander karaoke
  • learning and watching a local goral dance
  • trying out local outfits
  • hammering nails with a hollow hammer
  • tasting of local drinks
  • traditional shaving on stocks
  • a power test

During the whole experience, we will serve delicious traditional meals.



  • homemade “polish bigos”
  • sausages for self making at the fire
  • traditional bread with lard
  • pickles/li>
  • hot tea
  • bread
  • add-ons


  • traditional bread with lard
  • traditional grilled cheese with a cranberry souse
  • tradional soup with a smoked sausages
  • sausages for self making at the fire
  • blood sausage, pork neck on a wood grill
  • potatoes in a shell with garlic sauce and sheep cheese
  • pickles
  • salad
  • ketchup, mustard
  • tea with lemon,coffee


  • traditional bread with lard
  • traditional grilled cheese with a cranberry souse
  • sour cabbage soup with pork ribs
  • sausages for self making at the fire
  • blood sausage, pork neck and chicken breast on a wood grill
  • grilled potatoes with garlic souse
  • pickels
  • salad
  • ketchup, mustard
  • board of local cheese for a snack
  • deska swojskich ciast
  • tea with lemon, coffee, gas or no gas water

We organize sleigh rides as a combined service – along with transfers from hotels in Zakopane and back.

Choose the alternative that interests you and send us questions – we will be happy to prepare an offer especially for you.

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