On a bike up to Gubalowka - Chochołowska

On a bike from Gubalowka - Chocholowska - Zakopane

The route is for tourists, especially for adults. This track requires a certain level of preparation and can be too demanding for people who do not regularly use bicycles. It is an ideal proposition for bicycle fans, mountains, and nature – the Tatra Mountains.


We pick up the bike in Zakopane at our bike base than with the bikes we go to Gubalowka by train or our transport. At the top of Gubalowka, the fun begins, i.e., a relaxing ride with beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane.
We ride our bikes down to the city of Koscielisko then to the Chocholowska Valley. Along the way, there are plenty of beautiful views. You can also admire the monuments of Highlander architecture. Wind in the hair and a lot of joy! For a break, we can stop at the Hostel in the Chocholowska Valley to have a break for lunch, dinner, or dessert.
The downhill ride is about 30 minutes long. Then we reach a road called “Droga pod Reglami.” It is a track full of fun and beautiful views on the border of the Tatra National Park. During the whole road, beautiful views, nature, and the Tatra Mountains are surrounding us. Thanks to the comfortable bicycle equipped with a damper, we have a pleasurable ride and time to enjoy Zakopane. There you find plenty of streams, waterfalls, wooden bridges, and rock formations.
On our way, we will see a real Bacówka (it is a place where local folks are making homemade cheese). Here we can stop for a moment and try a delicious “oscypek” (local cheese) and have a chat with Shepherd.
The Tatra region ends, and we enter Zakopane right next to the ski jumping area. Its name is “Wielka Krokiew” and it makes a great impression, it is worth making a stop to see it with your own eyes.
We feel the atmosphere when we continue our ride along the bike path towards the center. Soon enough, we are there driving through a beautiful, recently modernized park, and we already see a bike base where we give our bikes back.