On a bike to Zakopane Krupowki Street - Chochołowska

Cycling Zakopane - Valley - Zakopane

A beautiful full-day bike trip

The Program

We start in the center of Zakopane, where each participant in the cycling base receives his bike and all the necessary equipment. A bicycle expert will provide information about the route and the possibility of downloading the application that will help us orientate ourselves in the field.
You press “START” and start your adventure!

Leaving base behind, we are heading towards Koscielisko – a Highlander village with many monuments of Highlander architecture. Driving this road, we will avoid the busiest routes. We turn to ”Rysulówka” street and driving next to the river. Now we are right in front of the Chochołowska Valley.

Driving this road, we will avoid the busiest routes. A ride on this beautiful Tatra valley by bike is 100% pure relaxation. Comfortable cycling allows us to enjoy the stunning views and surrender ourselves to the nature and noise of the mountain stream. We will reach the shelter, which is an ideal place for a break and rest – with a coffee, beer, or dessert.

You have an option to substitute the return route to the center of Zakopane and ride through the main road.