On a bike around the Chocholowska Valley - Chochołowska

Bicycles in the Chochołowska Valley

Chochołowska Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Tatras. This trip is a lot of joy from a comfortable bike ride in the most beautiful surroundings of the Tatra nature.

The Program

We start at the parking lot in front of the Chochołowska Valley
A ride on this beautiful Tatra valley by bike is pure joy and a bit of effort. Tourist cycling allows us to enjoy the stunning views and surrender yourself to the nature and noise of the mountain stream. Finally, we are in the shelter, which is an ideal place for a short break and a delicious dessert – they serve a unique apple pie with cream and berries from the Tatra forests.

After these beautiful moments, a lot of fun awaits us while descending from the valley.