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Noclegi w Zakopanem - co wybrać?
27 November 2019|
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The region of Podhale provides a lot of attractions and spectacular views, which is why it is not surprising that crowds of tourists visit the district at any time of the year. Keep in mind that the place of accommodation is essential to have a successful holiday. You can spend a great day being active and smiling than you go back to the hotel, and after a while, you start to lose a good mood when it turns out that this place is terrible.
The choice of a place to stay should not be a big challenge. Zakopane offers a lot of accommodation, but often, we are not able to determine our requirements, which significantly hinders the search. That is why we advise you first to think about what you expect. Whether you care about peace, whether you want to be in the center, do you count on comfort, and do modest conditions are sufficient for you.

A luxurious, comfortable apartment

Zakopane accommodation apartments – there are plenty of ads for tourists. Especially for those who say that they need some luxury during their holidays and want to take advantage of additional attractions such as a swimming pool, sauna, or spa zone. By renting the apartment, we can have more space for ourselves. It is convenient because you do not have to limit yourself packing your suitcases for travel.
Additionally when we decide that we need a moment for ourselves, we can go to another room. We do not disturb our travel companions, and they also do not disturb our peace. Such facilities as a bathroom, bedroom, living room with fireplace where you have a great time, and most importantly, a fully equipped kitchen are beneficial. Apartments usually have a lot of space. It is worth renting the one with a terrace which guarantees a view of the majestic Tatra Mountains. Every day from the very morning, we will be able to admire the mountains. Such landscapes will have a positive effect on our well-being.

A cozy, small guest house

You can rent a room in a little, but atmospheric guesthouse near the Mountains of Zakopane. Or maybe you like to stay in a city center which is also good because of the quick access to the most popular attractions as well as restaurants and night clubs. Some prefer to stay on the outskirts of Zakopane, away from the noise and constant company of tourists. If you rent a room in a guesthouse, you can not count on amenities and luxury, but some tourists do not care at all. They come to the Tatras to enjoy its charm go crazy on the ski slopes or hike mountain trails. They are focused on the fact that they will spend most of their time away from the place of living, and do not spend money on unnecessary comfort.

Traditional Highlander House

You can choose to live in a local Highlander house. Once you visit it, you instantly fall in love with a fantastic atmosphere and coziness. The decorations are charming, a lot of wooden elements and regional motifs, every little detail is essential, even the one that seems to be unimportant. The option of staying in a house is good for the atmosphere and a feeling of relaxation. No neighbors behind the wall so we can plan a small party, listen to loud music and be sure that no one will come with a complaint.

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