Sleigh ride around Zakopane - a time well spent - Chochołowska
Kuligi Zakopane
27 November 2019|
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Christmas, New Year’s Eve, school vacations, or Valentine’s Day is the best time to visit the Podhale region and see how it looks in the winter. The area is impressive in many ways. Tourists appreciate the possibility of going crazy on ski slopes and ice rinks as well as admiring the spectacular landscapes. Everyone who visits the Tatra Mountains in winter should try to go on a snow sleigh ride. It is a top-rated attraction, and it gives us tons of joy and happiness.

Most charming corners, great fun, and relaxation

A sleigh ride through snowy meadows and forests, observing mountain peaks, unique atmosphere, a lot of laughter, total relaxation – sounds exciting, right? It would be a great mistake to spend the winter in the Tatras and miss a chance to go on a sleigh ride. Which sleigh ride to choose in Zakopane? Just type it in Google, and the Internet search engine will quickly find lots of different offers. Where you can compare prices, read opinions, and get all the info you need. The network is full of valuable advice and information about a successful holiday in the Podhale region.

Sleigh rides are organized in different places. We can offer you many scenic routes in the mountains.You can go and ride through famous valleys among which is Chochołowska. However, you can be sure that no matter which road you choose, the ride will always be a fun and happy experience.

Some prefer to go fast on sleighs when the sun shines everywhere while others think it is the best to go on a night sleigh ride. In the darkness, the surroundings seem more mysterious, more interesting, and the specific atmosphere created by torches makes a good impression on you! Do you want to try? It is Incredible!

Additional attractions, such as bonfires with a music band or tasting traditional dishes are often combined sleigh rides. That’s why you should pay attention primarily to the offers that include something unique that will please us and make us happy. Ethnic citizens of this region are called Highlanders, and they know how to take care of their guests and know everything about fun.

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